What is a category?

Market organizes products into dedicated spaces called “categories.” Categories bring order to shopping — you can create them for any product group, product relevance, brand, or special events. With the right product organization and hierarchy, shoppers can easily navigate to the products they’re interested in buying.

👍 Tip: Keep in mind that products can be a part of more than one category, so you can use them in a variety of ways. For example, you might create a “Clearance” category to highlight all items that are currently on clearance.

Establish category structure

Organize your webstore using categories your shoppers already know to help them get oriented when they first visit your webstore. Categories automatically create category navigation links on your webstore, so you can organize products further by putting them in subcategories. For example, you can have one main category, a subcategory under it, and a second subcategory under that.

The ideal category structure depends on the nature of the products that you are selling. A good rule of thumb is to go from general to more specific.

Here are some examples of categories:

  • New Arrivals
  • Women
  • Men
  • Children
  • Electric guitars
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Student guitars
  • Youth guitars
  • Pro guitars
  • Beginner guitars
  • Guitar accessories
  • Used guitars
  • Sale guitars
  • Taylor guitars
  • Gibson guitars
  • Ovation guitars
  • Guitars under $500
  • Guitars made in the USA
  • Best Selling
  • Sale
  • Spring/Summer 2022
  • Black Friday Sale

👍 Tip: If you want to change the order of appearance of the products in your webstore you need to edit the release date of each product.

👍 Tip: If you want to change the available sort options in the category pages of your webstore, go to Theme Editor and look for the relevant option under BROWSE PAGE.

Multilanguage categories

Out of the box, Market supports multiple translations for product titles, categories and more. You can translate all your categories into several languages to create a familiar experience for every shopper.

📘 Note: To show the translated names of categories to shoppers, you need to create a Checkout Zone for that locale first.

Categories tips and best practices

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