Roles in Market

Roles determine what people can see and do in Market. There are administrative roles that are designed for people responsible for managing accounts and settings in Market. Non-administrative roles let people work in Market and access key features.

Roles in Market

Below is a complete list of the roles available on all of Market’s plans:

  • Webstore Owner
    Every webstore has a single Owner. Only this person can delete the webstore or transfer primary ownership to someone else.
  • Webstore Admins
    There can be multiple admins in a webstore. Webstore admins have the same level of permissions as the Owner, except they can’t delete or transfer ownership of a webstore.
  • Staff
    Staff have access to use features in a Market webstore, except for those that are limited to only owners and admins.
  • Guests
    Guests have limited access inside Market. Admins can add them to one webstore inside Market.
  • Invited staff
    Invited staff have been invited to join Market, but haven’t yet accepted their invitation. Invited staff will not receive email notifications about the webstore activity.
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